Our Principles :


Our company has a memorandum of cooperation in the field of industry and commerce with several international companies as follows:

1. Ural Machine Company of Russia (manufacturer of Esfahan Steel Co.)

2. Linde Company of Germany (manufacturer of Oxygen Plant)

3. Barsoo (Consulting Engineer)

4. Zoosh Company of china (Representative of Shonggang)

5. Maadankav Company (EPC Engineering and Projects Company)

6. Haft almas Company (EPC Investment Company)

7. Ardal Engineering Company (SIEMENS Fire Extinguishing & Alarm Equipment Provider)

8. Arad Engineering Company (SIEMENS Fire Extinguishing & Alarm Equipment Provider)

9. Rojja Agrin Company (Exclusive agent of NOTIFIRE fire Alarm and fire Extinguishing equipment)

10. EKIP Turkey Company (Designer and Manufacturer of dust Collections & Wet Scrubbers)

11. Havashid Company (Designer and Manufacturer of Bag House & Industrial Filters)

12. Energy Structure Company (Designer and Supplier of Pump Station and Firefighting Equipment)

13. (Sabo Company of Spain (Fire Alarm & Extinguishing Equipment Supplier

14. Abrah Zolal Company (Designer of Water and industrial Waste Water Treatment Systems)

15. PRIMETALS Company of Austria

16. SCHADE Company of Germany

17. THYSSENKRUPP Company of Germany

18. SEFCO Company of Switzerland